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St. Louis Best Airbrush Spray Tanning - Our Story
St. Louis Best Airbrush Spray Tanning - Our Story

Danielle Ryan, Creator & Owner of O.C. TAN 2 U
also pictured our mascot, Chloe


I’ve always been an artist of all sorts and an avid sun tanner. My dream started back in 2004 when I began working at a well known national tanning salon chain. It was here that I learned about tanning skincare, the skin's chemical reaction to the sun and melanin production through their rigorous 4 week long corporate training program and experience I soon gained that came with the job. Back in 2008 at 21 years young, I sought out to take the spray tan industry by storm. 


By this time I was a spray tan fanatic myself. I started a mobile spray tan company in my hometown of St. Louis, MO to further spread my love for the art and develop solutions to the many things I didn’t like about spray tans. Uneven fading, that awful smell, the sticky wet feeling after just being sprayed, short lived results... I knew we could do better and we did! 


Since then, I have done it all from training other artists in the professional world of spray tan artistry from all over the country to formulating a professional spray tan solution with my team in Orange County, CA. I opened my first salon in 2010 and have serviced well over 50,000 clients in the past 12 years. Being a creative soul & having an enormous passion for spray tanning, I always invested everything I made and more right back into my business. This method of business has served me very well right up until the world's disaster struck AKA the coronavirus. The coronavirus just happened to shut down my operation during the 3 months when I normally earn 75% of my businesses yearly gross. This ultimately closed my storefront permanently.


But I’m not done yet! Debt and financial loss is not enough to take that passion away from me. I want to continue to share my products with all of my clients and maybe some new spray tan fanatics as well. An online store was the solution. That is when shopoctan2u was born. It is here that I have made my products available to you as well as other products that I believe in and love. As always, I only carry products that I myself use.  As we go along this journey together, check back often as I plan to extend my range of retail to even more products I love and want to share with all of you. Since closing my storefront, I have also began offering Mobile Spray Tanning Services. To learn more about my Mobile Tan Services please select "Mobile Tans" from the site menu above. Thank you for supporting my business and making my dream possible. Without you, O.C. TAN 2 U would have never come about.

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