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Instantly Dry, Set & Elongate your Sunless Tan with O.C. TAN 2 U’s INSTA-DRY Setting Powder your NEW TANNING BFF!


O.C. TAN 2 U’s INSTA-DRY Setting Powder is a lightweight natural powder designed for use immediately after any sunless or fake tan application to instantly dry & protect your tan. INSTA-DRY Setting Powder will leave the skin soft and silky, eliminate stickiness and protect any sunless tan. That’s right, INSTA-DRY Setting Powder is safe to use with ALL at home & professional sunless tanning products, including Professional Airbrush Spray Tans, Automated Spray Booths & Self Tanning Products of all types. 


Now you can tan anytime of the day without creases, smears or that shiny, oily bronzer look. INSTA-DRY mattifies freshly tanned skin and it’s beautiful nude color won’t turn you into a powdery ghost. INSTA-DRY even prevents bronzer & DHA smudging on the skin, reduces moisture from sweating & humidity and is transfer resistant which keeps your clothes and sheets clean. 


O.C. TAN 2 U’s philosophy is that beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare. INSTA-DRY Setting Powder nurushes the skin while protecting your tan and adding comfort to your overall sunless tan experience. INSTA-DRY is made with natural mineral clay powders that have been widely used in skincare treatments & products all over the world for 100’s of years. Mineral clay powders are naturally absorbent - sucking up excess moisture on the skin, this is because they have been naturally sun-dried giving them a very low moisture content. When applied topically the clay particles act like little sponges leaving skin feeling velvety smooth and dry.


No matter if you are a self tanner or a spray tanner you will love INSTA-DRY Setting Powder for the confidence & comfort it provides.


Available in Matte or Hint of Shimmer & 2 sizes

Give INSTA-DRY a try: 1 oz. 

Best Value: 3 oz. 

Scent: O.C. Tan 2 U's Signature Moisture Seal Scent, Pink Sugar!
Choose between a hint of shimmer or completely matte for a customized tanning experience



INSTA-DRY can be used daily as needed to elongate your tan by preventing premature rub off fading. We recommend applying INSTA-DRY before the gym or sweating and daily in skin folds or areas that rub to avoid patching (inner thighs rubbing, inside elbow creases, under breasts, on feet when wearing closed toed shoes, etc). For years we have been searching for a solution to prevent fading from premature tan rub off caused by everyday life sweating & rubbing skin as well as for our gym goers. We finally have our solution! Daily use of INSTA-DRY is a sure way to make your tans last longer and fade without patching.  

INSTA-DRY Setting Powder

    • Instantly dries & sets your tan (no more standing in front of a fan) so you can get dressed and get on with your day
    • Prevents creases, smears & streaks
    • Eliminates stickiness & transfer of bronzer onto clothing, sheets & hands
    • Prolongs fading. INSTA-DRY elongates the tan by preventing premature rub off fading when applied daily & before the gym. See the “Pro Tip” section for instructions.
    • Made Safe. INSTA-DRY Setting Powder contains ZERO of the following: talc, parabens, gluten, sulfates, dyes, chemicals, toxins or alcohol
    • Vegan & cruelty free
    • Made from naturally-derived ingredients like French Green Clay Powder, Rhassoul Moroccan Lava Clay Powder & Vitamin E
    • Prevents pore clogging
    • Safe for those with sensitive skin
    • Sunless Tan Friendly for ALL types of fake tans, including Professional Airbrush Spray Tans, Automated Spray Booths & all Self Tanning Products

O.C. Tan 2 U Product Reviews

Jay Nichols

I love love love this product. As a fair skinned person I’m always afraid of streaks and to do it yourself intensifies that fear! However the mouse goes on smoothly (i use the mitt and the back applicator and they are a god send) and leaves no streaks. It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and gross while you wait for the color to show thru. I’ve used other self tanners before and this by far is top notch. Try it and see

average rating is 5 out of 5

Lauren Choate

I am obsessed. I love being tan and traditionally used beds, but after having my son I got really anxious about skin cancer. I tried lots of self tanners and this is by far the best looking, and most importantly for me, easy to put on!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Amy Gillick

I absolutely love the O.C. Tan 2 U self tanning products!! I bought the Original mousse, the mitt and the back applicator. Applying it is super easy and there are no streaks or anything. The back applicator is a game changer - you won't miss a single spot! My tan is flawless and I couldn't be happier!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Stephanie Paine

I have never had a better tan than with O.C. TAN 2 U!!!! The product is AMAZING. It's never stinky or sticky and leaves you with just the right amount of color. No orange streaks or dark spots. I bought the mitt and back applicator as well and they both work great!

You will NOT be disappointed! Shop small business and support a female entrepreneur all while getting the perfect tan!

average rating is 5 out of 5
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