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Throughout the years, we have tried an endless amount of sunless tanning products & solutions, only to be the victim of streaking, smelly odors, uneven fading and orange skin. Our search for the holy grail of sunless tans led us to develop & manufacture our very own proprietary branded sunless tan formula that is used to create all of our mobile tan solutions & self tan products.


Our formula is a cut above the rest and unlike any other sunless tanning product. Thanks to our secret ingredient (and our chemist!), our professional spray tans & self tan products match every skin tone. As they are applied to the skin they actually go to work, pulling out the natural undertones and pigments in your skin for a perfect match every time! That means no orange or unnatural looking hues. Our streak free formula smells just like coconuts, fades evenly and is all natural. Our tans last much longer than others on the market. How long, you ask? 7-14 days long with an even fade!

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Discover Your New Addiction


Prep for your Tan St. Louis's Best Airbrush Spray Tanning

Golden hour never has to end. O.C. TAN 2 U is a luxury, all natural, sunless tanning brand for everyBODY. We create a custom experience for each client & customer with their best interests and desired results in mind. We accentuate your natural beauty, giving you a boost of confidence with every service & product offered.

O.C. TAN 2 U was founded on the conviction that a beautiful tan should never come at the cost of premature skin aging or substandard results. Your skin is a reflection of your overall wellness and our philosophy is that beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare. That is why our formula actually nourishes and improves the skin while giving you the best tan you have ever had.

You and your skin deserve the best, which is why we are so committed to only offer sunless tanning options that protect & improve your skin rather than damage it. We have combined our passion for making people feel beautiful with our creativity through our mobile tans & self tan product line. Our product line is available in our online store. You can always rely on O.C. TAN 2 U to deliver high quality clean ingredients that result in perfectly polished glows.


This is skincare at it's best!

The importance to any sunless tan starts with the highest quality naturally derived ingredients. Our sunless formula is developed in a grade A pharmaceutical laboratory and all ingredients are non-carcinogenic. Our tans are beet based packed with superfoods for your skin like Caffeine, Aloe, White Tea Extract and Vitamins A, B, C, D & E that will upgrade your sunless tanning experience to ritual skincare that will not only give you a glow but your skin will thank you for later. O.C. TAN 2 U's formula hydrates skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, shrink pores, and removes the look of cellulite, blemishes, scars, and uneven skin tone with color correcting, anti-aging, firming, and toning properties. Our tans will add to the high standard you have set for yourself and your skin. As always our products and spray tans are free of chemicals, harsh dyes, alcohol, sulfates & parabens. And that's not all, each of our products contain a DHA deodorizer so you don't smell like self tanner, just coconuts!

St. Louis Best Airbrush Spray Tanning - Our Formula
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